Placencia Peninsula, BelizePlacencia features the best beach in Belize. Carefree, scenic and very laid-back, this popular destination is picture-postcard perfect. A spectacular peninsula, located along the sun-kissed beaches in southern Belize its an all-time favorite. Visitors can do something new every day. Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, jungle & river safaris, manatee watching, sun-bathing, sailing, fishing even the sacred animal of the Maya is nearby – the jaguar. Explore the peninsula for orchids, bromeliads, shorebirds and a good assortment of land birds. Both the beach and the road may be used for walking. Bikes, Sunfish and kayaks are available for rental.

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Monkey River: Travel up the Monkey River Reserve. Located 30 minutes by boat south of Placencia, monkey river is famous for the abundance of howler monkeys that live in the dense jungles along it’s bank. Birds, iguanas, manatees, and alligators are also common up to the river. This can be an exciting adventure during the summer season. March through May and mid-August through October.
Jaguar Preserve: The world’s only Jaguar Preserve is only 1 hours drive from Placencia, also known as the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Preserve, it covers an area of approximately 150 square miles. Jaguars are nocturnal animals, however, sightings during the day do sometimes occur and night tours are available as well. Besides the Jaguar, Cockscomb Basin is also home to such other cats as the puma, ocelot and jaguarundi and many other animals including the Baird’s tapir the national animal of Belize. The preserve is also a natural habitat for over 290 species of tropical birds like the exotic Toucan.

If you decide to go further north, for example to Egypt, check the information about the trip on this page

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diving with whale sharksThe waters in its vicinity of Placencia offers World-class diving. With over four hundred square miles of virgin reef and over 50 cayes, Placencia still has some virgin territory to explore. Divers can have an unforgettable experience by exploring these spectacular waters with a local and experienced dive guide. One of the most exciting dive attractions in Placencia is to dive with the Whale Sharks during their annual migration to the area in March, April, May and June. March & April is the best time to see the sharks. Whale Shark Packages

Besides the whale shark program, Placencia also offers excellent Wall, Canyon & Faro diving. Wall dives start at about 35ft with the drop off plunging into the abyss of 3000ft. Canyon diving is also ocean diving. Canyons are large heads of Lettuce, Stag Horn, and Elk Horn coral that form at right angles to the drop-off. Valleys of white coral sands that separate these huge mounds of coral form ideal resting places for Nurse Shark and Rays. Placencia Packages