Animation Showreel 2016

Hey so here’s my new animation showreel 2016! Please share with whoever this may of interest to. My work is mainly in 2D, I do use 3D inside of after effects but is essentially 2D objects inside of a 3D space.

My other work you’ll find on my website includes concept & storyboard artwork. Aside from the live footage in the showreel everything you see is created by me.

I’ve also just made my profile for LinkedIn. On my site you’ll find links to my profile at the bottom of my Artists Bio and Contacts Page! If you think you may need my services for a future project or just want to keep me in your contacts list then that’s probably the best way to do it.

Anthropomorphic Dog

Anthropomorphic Dog – Bambu

This Anthropomorphic dog is based off my own lovely chocolate coloured labrador named Bambú. Prints are available in high quality upon request. This image is currently being framed and will be put up in my home. If you’d like to add a touch of style to your home, this will make a fantastic decorative piece and a real conversation opener. The print is portrait with a maximum size of 67,7×50,8 cm. I will upload an update with it on the wall soon. Please head over to my contacts page for enquiries. If you’d like it framed that is also another option available. Prices will vary and delivery costs will be higher to ensure that it is received in the same condition it was sent.

I will be making a collection of breeds which will also be available in the future so keep an eye out incase I make your breed one day. I’m open to commissions, but the price will be higher. Perhaps you have a mixed breed, a different pet animal or have something specific you would like to include. I have some older concept artworks of The Wind In The Willows characters I did a few years ago to give you an idea on what other options you may have but those designs are only concepts and not at a high enough quality for print.

Anthropomorphic Dog

This design is for those that seek something a little different. Home decor is a creative process, expressing ones personality. I like to think of a home as a skeleton. The back bone of it is made from the essentials; the dining table, the desk, the fridge. But it’s the thin outer skin, the decor, that gives the home it’s compelling uniqueness which resonates the visual expression of yourself. I guess this painting would highlight the quirky element residing inside of you.

Action Contre la Désertification

I made this animation entitled ‘Action Against Desertification’ for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations which was used as part of the COP21 in Paris.

The animation was made to reflect the global threat of desertification. Credit to Picture This Productions who managed the V.O’s, Script and Direction.

Visually we went for a Van Gogh design for the animated backgrounds. As this can look quite heavy on the eyes I made sure the movements were not too fast or the brush stroke size not be too big. To compliment the backgrounds and keep the message clear I went for a more simplistic approach for the foreground animation. In keeping with the background, some of the foreground design such as the trees similarly to many of Van Gogh’s sketch work.

The animation is also available in French which you can watch as well: Action Contre la Désertification


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