The Felix Animation Teaser

Felix Needs You!

Abandoned, lonely and in need of a toilet – Felix is left floating in the dark and oversized place that we call space. Two idiots thought it would be a good idea to bring a little cat along a space trip. The film Gravity, did win lots of oscars, this much is true. But they didn’t tell you they left a cat in space. Bastards.


Felix is currently waiting for your help. Luckily due to his super ninja skills he is able to reduce his oxygen supply by entering a trance state. This won’t last forever though. He needs a new oxygen supply, a musical keyboard.. and a litter tray. Only you can send him this.

In one months time if we receive enough funding, we will launch a space pod to bring him back to Earth so he can begin making his music video and album!


Please share with your friends and get the word out about this appauling act that the Director of Gravity and others caused.

A kickstarter link will be live shortly…