Animation Showreel 2015

Hey so here’s my new animation showreel 2015! Please share with whoever this may of interest to. My work is mainly in 2D, I do use 3D inside of after effects but is essentially 2D objects inside of a 3D space.

My other work you’ll find on my website includes concept & storyboard artwork. Aside from the live footage in the showreel everything you see is created by me.

I’ve also just made my profile for LinkedIn. On my site you’ll find links to my profile at the bottom of my Artists Bio and Contacts Page! If you think you may need my services for a future project or just want to keep me in your contacts list then that’s probably the best way to do it.

Maker vs Marker Live Concert Performance


In North Carolina the Chapel Hill concert band have been rehearsing a live performance to my maker vs marker animations and SFX with Brian Sadlers music! They will be playing live this weekend (18th/19th April 2015) at the University of North Carolina. I will hopefully be receiving a recording of the event and I’ll be sharing with you on here.

They’ve done a fantastic job already, one thing everyone realises is just how spot on perfect the music has to be in sync with the animation. Even half a second out becomes noticeable since the music in itself interacts with the scenarios taking place. But it’s a huge honour to have so much effort put in for me and Brians work and hopefully the crowd really enjoy it!

Next stop.. Full Orchestral Performance!

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